Top modern style unique engagement rings today

Your engagement is one of the most important and most memorable day in your life and if you get a beautiful ring along with it, it would be icing on the cake. But the real question is how to select the most precious and unique ring for your loved one when there are so many beautiful variety out there. To answer this question let’s look at some of the best and unique ring designs and styles to make your day one of the best days of your life. 


Solitaire style does not need any introduction when it comes to modern jewellery designs. The name solitaire comes from a design with only one stone. Solitaire never goes out of fashion no matter what time it is you are living in. So one time investment in this unique jewellery style will take you a long way, as you can always pass it on to the next generation as well. 


Cluster style simply goes by its name as a cluster of small stones giving a look of a big diamond. Cluster style rings as well as necklace and earrings looks extremely beautiful and is a great choice for gifting it as an engagement present to make your partner feel uniquely special. Another best thing about cluster jewellery is it is not very expensive and can easily be bought under budget with keeping the sparkle alive. 


Pave design is a design of many tiny diamonds like stones wrapped around the rim of the ring with one or two big stones on top giving the ring an enhanced sparkle and shine. This type of ring is more girlish and looks very elegant. Give your girl this ring on your big day and she will remember the day for the rest of her life, 


This is one of the most popular design and its name comes from the perfect halo design with a dazzling shimmer glowing straight through the centre stone its reflection of light on the central stone from the rim makes it more sparkly hence this style of ring is called a halo. The centre can have any beautiful stone not necessarily diamond but any stone like ruby, sapphire etc. 

Three stoned Style: 

This type of style looks incredibly romantic and is also known as trilogy style. Most people represents the three stones as three different time zones of past, present, and future. The style, size, and shape of the stones can vary as per customized for the client. One of the most common style is to have a one big stone in the centre with two small stones on sides, or all three stones for same size, this style can be in a straight line or in a triangle. Visit best jewellers in Melbourne in town today for your own three stoned unique diamond ring. 

Double Diamond Style: 

As obvious by its name double diamond style is a two stoned diamond in a single ring. It is an ancient design and was very famous in the 20th century, its trend is now coming back with a demand in antique style jewellery. Its traditional style consist of two diamond shaped stone of same size embedded together with a sparkly glow even in the dark.  

Check the quality and feel the look: 

Always inspect the quality of the jewellery before buying, it is of utmost importance that you invest your money in something worth spending for and long-lasting. For that purpose it is extremely necessary to check the reviews first and don’t trust the online sources but always physically go the jeweller and feel the quality and comfort of the jewellery otherwise all your precious money and effort will go in vain after few uses.  

Look for cost efficient sources : 

Besides checking the quality and feel of the jewelry it is also very important to find the cost effective sources to buy cheap jewelry but in good quality that can easily pass at least 4-5 years. Visit the local jewelry stores and look for these modern style unique engagement rings based in Melbourne and other beautiful pieces. You can always ask for a custom made ornaments as per your taste and choice and give yourself and your loved ones a treat once in a while. 

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